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Dan McGuire Rods
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Order a Custom Rod

First you must choose a rod suited to the fishing you do.Consider things like length, action, and size line you use. Length of the rear grip and other things that you may want not standard to the "Factory" rod. When choosing a seat, keep in mind the length of the foot on the reel you intend to use on the rod so it will fit the completed rod. If possible, tell us which reel you intend to use on this rod. Next, choose the look you want. Don't allow the look to change what the rod is for. We have built a great number of rods and are more than happy to work with you in coming up with a look if you are unsure. Many thread color combinations are hard to picture, so we can suggest some for you if you desire. Follow the instructions below or go to our contact page to work directly with us.
We do not prebuild rods because those would be factory rods from our "factory" and not a true custom rod.

Yugoslavian flags

Snakewood spinning seat

One of many rod tubes we have

Custom Rod Worksheet

Right click, save, print..

Right click on the custom rod worksheet, save and print it. Next, fill it out using our parts catalog. Be sure to include thread colors, and Pattern for the butt wrap. Be specific.

Submarine Dolphins weave

We have worked out thread patterns for almost any National Flag. Most can be done showing multiple flags, but complicated flags (the U.S. flag is done multiple) may have to be "weaved" as a single flag.

Click here to find flags

Completing Your Order:

After the custom rod worksheet is done, mail it to our P.O. box. Include a time and phone number that you can be contacted at. Don't worry if you are unsure about some items, those details can be worked out later. Be sure to keep a copy so that we will all be working from the same page when we finish the little details that will make this a rod you can be proud of.
If you can't find a part you want on your rod in our catalog, put it on the form anyway. We will find it for you. A custom rod should be the way you want it.

Butt wrap

Blue Buckeye Burl Seat

"Spider" Pattern

butterfly pattern

Norwegian Flags

Our policy for picking up a rod yourself has been changed. If you come to our shop to pick up a rod, you must have a rod case for it before it can leave. If you have not purchased one, we will provide you with a PVC tube for a $3.00 refundable charge upon return of the tube. We have decided to use this policy to prevent a recent disaster involving high winds, a custom flyrod and a truck door from happening again in the future.